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If you’re considering a career in law the best way to get an insight into the profession and our firm is to attend an open day or workshop with us.  These events will give you a taste of what a career at a commercial law firm involves as well as the specific work and culture at Bristows.  


Each year we run a series of two-day workshops in the winter, spring and summer in place of vacation schemes.  Our workshops are structured to give you an insight into the firm and the work we do.  We will run a variety of interactive sessions, case studies and presentations during the two days and you will have the opportunity to talk informally with partners, associates and trainees, as well as their colleagues in Business Support.  The aim is to give you a true overview of Bristows and our working culture.

To apply for a workshop you must be in your penultimate or final year of an undergraduate law degree or in your final year of a non-law undergraduate degree. Graduates and postgraduates of any degree discipline are also welcome to apply. 

We will start recruiting for our 2018/19 workshops from 1st October 2018. The assessment process consists of an online application form followed by a short video interview for selected applicants. We will start recruiting for our 2018/19 workshops from 1st October 2018.


18 NOV 2018Winter Workshop - 12 & 13 December 2018
31 JAN 2019 Spring Workshop - 9 & 10 April 2019
31 Jan 2019Summer Workshop - 25 & 26 June 2019


We run two open days each year, and the next ones will take in place in spring and summer 2019.  We will open for applications from 1st October 2018.
Our general open day is open to applicants of any degree discipline in their first year of undergraduate study or beyond.  This day will give you an insight into the core practice areas at the firm, the skills you need to be a trainee and the opportunity to network with current trainees at the firm. 
Our Science and Engineering open day is open to all applicants undertaking, or who have completed, a science or engineering base degree and would like to find out more about pursuing a legal career.  Applications are welcome from undergraduates, graduates, postgraduate students and those undertaking a PhD.  This open day will specifically focus on our Intellectual Property practice and will give you the chance to see how your academic background can be used in a legal career. To apply for either open day, you simply need to submit an online application form. This will then be reviewed by our graduate recruitment team. 


28 FEB 2019Science & Engineering Open Day - 16 April 2019
28 FEB 2019  Undergraduate Open Day - 4 July 2019
To apply for any of the above, click here